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Deaf for Life

Jhovan is “Deaf for Life”…fortunately he attended the CCCD, where he received his education. He is able to sign fluently. He is now a graphic designer. Please take the “DEAF FOR A DAY” challenge to help three deaf children get … Continue reading


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I tried to be “Deaf for a Day”…it is HARD, especially since I am still learning sign language. So, imagine if I as an adult got frustrated, what say a deaf child, who still needs help to attend school just … Continue reading

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YouTube – Glee Imagine

This song is very emotional for me, because it sent a message that we are becoming  more and more accepting. Great news! Take a look. YouTube – Glee Imagine via YouTube – Glee Imagine. http://www.youtube.com/v/ayVO5Wp6pp0&NR=1

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