JDEP’s Meeting with the CCCD 2012

Hi Friends of JDEP,

We met with the principal, Mrs. Griffith, at the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, Knockpatrick campus, to discuss the progress of Richard, Dwight, and Roshane. We try to meet with Mrs. Griffith twice a year to maintain a good standing relationship with the school, teachers, and students. We came out of the meeting ecstatic, which fuels the flames to do more. Roshane and Lolly are progressing at a steady pace, while Richard continues to do well in reading.

Our goal is to volunteer at the school, just to get more involve with the deaf community here in Jamaica.

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Lolly Driving…Yes!

A very happy young man since he started school, at the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf. Lolly is showing great improvement and is on his way to learn a trade. Keep up the great work, Lolly.

Way to go Lolly!

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Rummage Sale Fundraising Event

It was a beautiful day for a very worthy cause…Supporting Deaf Children Living in Jamaica. Our Rummage Sale Fundraising kicks off this year’s lists of events. It was very exciting to see all the folks who came out to support the cause. We are thankful for the support of family, friends, and the community, because Lolly, Richard, and Roshane will be able to attend school…for another year. The funds raised will be used to help pay their school fees for the coming term.

Although we weren’t able to make our goal, we will continue to work hard to do our part to educate the deaf youths in Jamaica. With that in mind, we are packing bags of donated items to take down to the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, to give to the boys and girls. Our hope is to also volunteer at the school, which we are looking forward to enthusiastically. I do want to mention that all items…kids clothes, books, toys, etc…were donated by generous folks through our face book page; Donate Used Kids Books and Clothes.

We are anticipating our 2nd Annual Summer Program, which will further develop the boys’ social skills and expose them to a ‘normal’ way of life. Our summer program is designed to keep them occupied during time off from school, which has great rewards. See my post about our first summer program, No Limitations Summer Jam 2011.

I will, as always, keep you posted on all events.

Thank you all.

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‘Spare Change to Make a Change’: Holiday Season Participants

The Officers of Jamaica Deaf Education Project Inc., students, and their parents extend our most sincere gratitude to all our supporters, for your love and support during this holiday season. Thank You. 

Big thanks to the local businesses in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas and Port St. Lucie, who displayed JDEP’s Donation Cans on their counters. Here is a list of those who participated: 

Charlie’s Pastries
Fivestar Bakery
The Divine Touch: Beauty Salon and Barber Shop
Bulla King Bakery
De Jamaican Shop
Tropitaste Vegetarian Restaurant
Food Meat & Produce
Nichell’s Caribbean Cuisine
Bedessee Inc.: East-West Indian Foods
North’s Best Meats
Cozey Corner Restaurant
Hammonds Bakery
Montego Bay Jerk Center
Aunt I’s Jamaican Restaurant
Jerk Machine: Great Jamaican Cuisine
Jamaican Herbal & Healing
Boston Juicy Jerk Restaurant

And in Port St. Lucie 

Island Twist Takeout Restaurant
Family Discount Grocery Store 

…and our continuous Supporters.

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Giving back to the community

Thanksgiving 2011 

It was a heart-felt, touching, and fun day for JDEP to give back to the community that supported us during these past months. We connected with so many people…adults and children, rich and poor…who came to give a helping hand to those who are less fortunate.  We were happy and thankful to be a part of such a life changing event.

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Disability Week:

Disability Week is being observed by Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities (JCPD), from November 27 to December 3rd in Trelawny.

The theme for this year’s event is, ‘Together for a Better World for All… Including Persons with Disabilities in Development’. Read more below…



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Deaf Designs

These are a few of the many craft items that graduates from the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf made. In Jamaica it is extremely difficult for deaf persons to get employment, therefore folks from the deaf community came together to create “Deaf Designs”. 

“Deaf Designs” is still in the making. The concept was initially formed by Mrs. Wright, to promote entrepreneurship among several girls, as a means of helping overcome poverty. Residents from the Deaf Community will also take part in this new and exciting endeavor. Each person will provide a profile about his or herself and their area of expertise. 

We hope you will pass this on to other persons of interest and continue to support us on our quest to support the deaf community in Jamaica. We will keep you informed of new developments. 

Thank you,


Be ready for your trip to Jamaica with this small over the body bag!

This apron boasts their amazing talents and determination to make it happen. It is very stylish, which makes it great as a gift or souvenir. Also what a great way to support a wonderful cause!

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Making Friends

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 Here we are making friends with the students at the CCCD. It was indeed a blessing to have had the opportunity to bond with these amazing children!

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Education is the KEY

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 On one of our visits to the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, at the Knockpatrick campus in Manchester, we presented the school with over one hundred and fifty pounds of clothing and school supplies. While there we spoke with Acting Principal, Mrs. Wright, and each of our students’ teachers. Therefore we are excited to report that the boys are growing into wonderful young men and their social, emotional, and cognitive skills are improving at a tremendous pace. 

We would like to thank Mrs. Wright for allowing us to present gifts to each of our students in their respective classrooms. It was a blessing and we are appreciative of such a kind gesture. Mrs. Wright is such a wonderful and professional woman and we are honored to have met her. We also want to say a special thanks to all the teachers and students for accepting us on campus with such a warm welcome…thank you!

 Once again we are humbled by the outpour of donations we received through our Facebook group page “Donate Old Kids’ Books and Clothes”.  This is the reason we can change young lives. Thank you all for your support.


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‘Spare Change to Make a Change’ Campaign

                             ‘Spare Change to Make a Change’
                                      Campaign Participants

The Officers of Jamaica Deaf Education Project Inc., students, and their parents extend our most sincere gratitude to all our supporters, for your love and support during Deaf Awareness Month. Thank You. 

Big thanks to the local businesses in Port St. Lucie who displayed JDEP’s Donation Cans on their counters during this Deaf Awareness Month 2011. Here is a list of those who participated:

MLG West Indian
Grocery and Take Out Restaurant
10764 South US Highway 1
PSL, FL 34952
Ph: 772-337-2122 
The Beauty Shop
10774S US1
PSL, FL 34952
Ph: 772-398-9888 
C Liquor Store 
Floresta Pharmacy
1550 SE Floresta Drive
PSL, FL 34983
Ph: 772-340-4142 
Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
285 SW Port St. Lucie Blvd.
Ph: 772-871-1105 
M&S Beauty and Barber Salon
Ph: 772-344-8424 
Jerk City, Inc.
Jamaican Restaurant Take Out and Dining
Mangrove Square
8001 US 1
PSL, Fl 34952
Ph: 772-871-2552
Phil’s Auto Clinic
8263 South US Hwy.1
PSL, FL 34952
Ph: 772-335-2800
Willis Fish Market
City Delight Bakery
8009 US1,Mangrove Square
PSL, FL 34952
Ph: 772-237-5040
Great Mexican Food
291 SW Port St. Lucie Blvd.
PSL, FL 34984
Ph: 772-336-5050 
D&D Meat
West Indian Grocery
1653 SE Port St. Lucie Blvd.
PSL, FL 34952
Ph: 772-335-9686 
Basil Thai Restaurant
201 SW Federal Hwy
Stuart, FL 34994
Ph: 772-221-2522 
Alfonso’s Pizza & Pasta of Floresta
1564 SE Floresta Drive
PSL, FL 34983
Ph: 772-878-2688 
China Express
1562 SE Floresta Drive
PSL, FL 34983
Ph: 772-879-7888
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