Deaf Designs

These are a few of the many craft items that graduates from the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf made. In Jamaica it is extremely difficult for deaf persons to get employment, therefore folks from the deaf community came together to create “Deaf Designs”. 

“Deaf Designs” is still in the making. The concept was initially formed by Mrs. Wright, to promote entrepreneurship among several girls, as a means of helping overcome poverty. Residents from the Deaf Community will also take part in this new and exciting endeavor. Each person will provide a profile about his or herself and their area of expertise. 

We hope you will pass this on to other persons of interest and continue to support us on our quest to support the deaf community in Jamaica. We will keep you informed of new developments. 

Thank you,


Be ready for your trip to Jamaica with this small over the body bag!

This apron boasts their amazing talents and determination to make it happen. It is very stylish, which makes it great as a gift or souvenir. Also what a great way to support a wonderful cause!


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  1. Natalie says:

    such amazing products! And certainly worth a second look.

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