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‘Spare Change to Make a Change’ Campaign

                             ‘Spare Change to Make a Change’                                       Campaign Participants   The Officers of Jamaica Deaf Education Project Inc., students, and their parents extend our most sincere gratitude to all our supporters, for your love and support during Deaf Awareness Month. … Continue reading


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Deaf Equipment Images

Deaf Awareness Week See how the deaf speak See how the deaf live See how the deaf learn See how the deaf work See how we communicate Deaf Culture   See how the ear works…   Reference: SOURCES:WEBPAGE: “Fact … Continue reading

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Miss Deaf International 2011

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Deaf Awareness

Deaf Awareness Month 2011 Deaf Images:   References: Nancy Rourke   Inner Ear Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research   I Can’t Hear You   Hand Sign Language Peggy Nguyen   Number Sign   Alphabet Sign How … Continue reading

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The burning desire of a giving soul

If I can have you hear my voice I would tell you a story A story of how I was led to start a journey a cause but at this moment this second what I have is my writing   … Continue reading

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Deaf Awareness Month

  September is Deaf Awareness Month, and on the 6th all three students will be going back to school this term because of our joint work and sharing. Still there are others who desperately need our help. Please join us to build Deaf … Continue reading

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JDEP’s No Limitations Summer Jam 2011

        What a blast! The boys had such a fantastic time at our 1st Annual JDEP’s No Limitations Summer Jam. The goal was to have all three boys together to build friendship, social skills, communication skills, self-esteem, and to have … Continue reading

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