Meet The Boys

Meet Dwight, we all know him as Lolly, Roshane, and Richard. They are all so thankful for all the support they’ve received. Thank You.



5 Responses to Impact

  1. Sheryl Stark says:

    I spoke with my Dad yesterday and he said Lolly is extremely happy. He was home for the Holiday and was visiting all his friends. I am so passionate about this Project…the reward…giving a child an education. Love it!

  2. Anne Sofie says:

    Beautiful story; great project and commitment. It really is about getting involved in each others ‘stories,’helping each other living out our potentials – day by day, story by story. Wishing you all the best on your mission, thank you for being a changemaker and sharing your story, touching the changemaker within all of us.

    • Sheryl Stark says:

      Thank you for your comment Anne. You know I woke up one day and realized that there should be more to life than the usual things I do. So I decided to help Lolly and from to on. He is so happy now and doing fairly well. Thanks again Anne. ‘One Love’.

  3. Kadine says:

    Hi. My name is Kadine. I stumbled upon your fb page and loves it. This school, the Deaf community is dear to me as I have a Deaf brother, now 30. He was educated here and I would like to get involved. I live in London and would like to set up a branch 16+ as I think this is whats lacking, jobs for my Deaf brothers and sisters after they leave school. Great work you to keep doing what you are doing. And I hope I can get involved. regards, k.

    • Sheryl Stark says:

      Hi Kadine, so nice to meet you :). I would love to have you on our team! And I agree with you about our brothers and sisters need jobs after school. I am in the process of moving back to Jam to help with this issue…don’t know how yet but I have a plan. may be that is something we can work on. Pls look me up on facebook Sheryl McKenzie Stark or email me at so we can chat more. I would love to meet your brother someday…let’s talk soon. Thank you so much for your interest and contact and love.

      So sorry for taking so long to answer and I hope to hear from you soon. One Love sista.

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